Christmas Embossing Rolling Pin

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Spend time with your family this year creating beautiful and festive Christmas cookies! 🎅 The Christmas Embossing Rolling Pin allows you to easily imprint unique cookie, fondant, or pie designs and patterns in just minutes. 🍪

Made of high quality natural solid maple hardwood, each pin is engraved with your choice of Snowflakes & Swirls, Reindeer & Christmas Trees, Unique Snowflakes, Doggy Bones, and many others. 🎄

With one easy roll, you can transform your dough into a baking masterpiece! The Christmas Embossing Rolling Pin is fun for the whole family, including your children and grandchildren! It's the perfect gift and activity for those who love baking and love the magic of Christmas! 💜


  • Natural solid maple hardwood, ecologically friendly
  • 9 patterns & designs
  • 35 cm total rolling pin length
  • Pairs perfectly with the Christmas Cookie Cutter Set
  • Buy multiple rolling pins and save!

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