Inner-lapping Christmas Cookie Cutters (5 Piece Set)

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This Inner-lapping Christmas Cookie Cutter Set is the perfect complement to the Christmas Embossing Rolling Pin! 🍪 Get extra festive this year with 5 unique and decorative Christmas inspired cookie designs. Each design comes in a set of 5 individually sized cutters! ❄️


This stainless steel, dish-washer safe set includes the following designs in sets of 5:

  • Winter Snowflakes ❄️

  • Evergreen Christmas Tree 🎄

  • Snow Bears 🐻

  • Round Snow Crystals 🌨️

  • Christmas Angels 👼🏻

Simply roll your cookie dough with the Christmas Embossing Rolling Pin then cut your cookies out with the Inner-lapping Christmas Cookie Cutter Set. Spend time with your family this year creating beautiful and festive Christmas cookies! ❤️



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